Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Work: Orange & Black & Purring

Saturday was cool, breezy and cloudy- a perfect day to print! Had the doors and window open in the studio, the ipad streaming some netflix, and two stray kittens to visit me.

They're cute as hell, but I don't think either of them can set type or oil the press so... yeah.
If anyone's interested in adopting them, let me know! I'm sure their "owner" will be happy to get them homes. He's not very responsible i.m.o.  I think they're both girls, and they're very sweet, quiet, and like to be pet. Awwww...

Our Angry Kitties are pretty popular at shows- 4bar cards, all different colored card stocks, and people get to pick their card colors and envelope colors. Thought I might try my butterfly ladies like that, too. (If you look closely, you can see the body of the butterfly is a lady.)

These flourishes are so elegant, but then I go and print them in the ever so Austin-friendly "burnt orange." Now it's got more of a 'casual elegance' to it. Paired them with orange and purple envelopes. Don't know about you, but i love orange with purple. 

Some friends got married in January (you can see their invitations HERE) and they need some more cards for thank you notes. This is a re-order of cards made for them last year. Orange is D's "signature color."

Made these for an upcoming show, the Violet Crown Festival (haha, almost typed "Violet Crown Affair"). The park where it takes place is in the middle of this zip code, and since it's a big neighborhood event, it only made sense. 

Want cards with your zip code? Just ask!
Next weekend I'll be printing some purple, and also some custom cards. Should be a good day- cross your fingers for some nice printing-weather. I'm so not ready for the Texas heat! Even with the little A/C unit, it's still too hot in the studio. In the summer, it's really a good thing that I'm a morning person so I can get things done before the sun gets too high.


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  1. Oh... now I think I need 78704 note cards. Awesome idea. I will keep my ear open for potential kitty adopters. Lots of pets looking for homes this spring.