Friday, April 13, 2012

Show & Tell: 6pt Type

So we all know how small 6pt type is on MS Word, right? It's small. But do you know how small it is in the letterpress printing world?

Doesn't look so bad, right? It's a B, no problem.
Innocent little "B" in 6pt Bank Gothic Medium
But when compared to a plain bobby pin?

Yikes! That is small! I'm only 30 but I'd need to find that little magnifying glass to read some of the letters!

What's really cool about this set though, is it's never been used and is still in it's original wrapping! Was found during move #2- how strange that we missed it with the first move. I love that I'm always finding "new" things though.

Personally, this set is too small for me. I've got some 6pts that I do use, but consider this one For Sale. (Email if interested.)

So anyway, thought I'd share a little something from the printing world with you. If there's anything you'd be interested in seeing, leave a comment or shoot us an email.


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