Monday, October 3, 2011

Happiness is a Cool Print Studio

A whole day of no a/c? Yes! Finally-both in the house and the studio. Such a wonderful Saturday.

Printed lots of cards, coasters & bookmarks in black in (coming soon!), orange leafy cards, and made progress on the Tidying Up project. It was such a great day!

Here's a picture from Sept 24th's printing session. Pictures from Oct 1st haven't been taken yet.

Fun with Aqua! (The color, not the band.) A2 swirlies.
As it turns out, we have over 113 metal fonts! Some of these have been seen on our smaller specimen sheets and on personalized cards, but others, like copperplate calligraphy in two sizes, we've never pulled a print before.

Now that October's here, the Halloween decorations are up in our house. If you're looking for Halloween stationery, be sure to check out our Halloween section on Etsy. Invitations, flat and folded cards. Skulls, spiders, Edward Gorey umbrellas, and angry kitties. Also, if you need some holiday inspiration, I recommend "Aunt Martha's" ideas and Pinterest- the members there really have a nice collection of ideas found all across the web.

Sigh. There's a little stress-monkey in my head, worrying about the upcoming shows. Not only do we need enough product, but also the right product. 

What are you looking for in this year's holiday gifts?

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