Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flickr, Inks, Etc

We've had a flickr account for years, but have finally upgraded to "Pro," and uploaded quite a few photos as well! There should be some newer items (many also showing on our Etsy page) floating around the slideshow.

And while I've been getting to know the camera a little better, here's a more accurate version of our ink options. Most of our cards can be reprinted in the ink color of your choosing, don't forget. 

We've been participating in Etsy's Holiday Bootcamp, buddying up with our friend at Speckled Duck, and the To Do list is growing rapidly, but also many things are being crossed off, like the Flickr account upgrade, new photos, etc.

Oh! And we just found out this morning that we were accepted to the Cherrywood Art Fair!

Looks like we'll go for it, though we have a week to either pay or change our minds... Leaning towards yes.
Have you been? Did you like it?

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