Friday, September 30, 2011

Poor neglected blog...

Sorry for the lack of posts. Every free moment has been spent in the printshop, and not even printing! I've been tackling all those "rainy day" projects- bags of miscellaneous type leftover from er three years ago, a dump tin of misc. type from the previous owner, etc. Cleaning, re-labeling, re-sizing, also. 
It's been wonderful.

There's still a lot to do, but one corner is complete.
Paper drawers, organized. Space drawers, organized. Tops of cabinets, wiped down. Items on shelves, labeled.

I've also discovered that we had some duplicate fonts- same exact type but different names- Flash and Highspot in both 18 and 24pts. Uh, let's consolidate? Yeah! Those are done, so now I'm saving type that is stuck in large, heavy, broken drawers, transferring them to the newly emptied drawers. It's messy, but will be very helpful in the end.

Found a brand new, never taken out of it's original packaging, 6pt font, which I will be selling on etsy later. It's lovely, I just don't like dealing with 6pt unless I have to. Personal preference.

Tomorrow is Oct 1 (Happy Bday, Grandma P) and that means time for another Shop Update!

Do check it out, Saturday afternoon. We'll have some new items up and it'll be great. Don't forget to get your Halloween cards while at the shop.

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