Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Are Save the Dates Necessary?

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Thanks to Pinterest, especially, it seems that many couples think that Save the Date cards are something that they need to sent out, but they're not always necessary and would just end up being an additional expense in your wedding budget. (If your heart is set on sending them out, please, send them out. I'm a big fan of advance planning and only saying that they're not always a necessity.)

Since invitations are generally mailed out six weeks in advance of the wedding, if attending the wedding requires advance planning or travel arrangements, like destination weddings often require, or if the chosen date falls on a holiday, you need to send out a Save the Date so that your guests can get it on their calendars, and be on the lookout for low airfare. Or order/renew their passports should your wedding occur in a different country!

And remember, you don't need all your information on these. Just that a wedding for these people is going to take place, on this day and in this city. This gives your desired guests what they need to know for any advance planning. That's it. Short, sweet, and to the point. 

Flourished letterpress Save the Date by inviting in austin texas. Mix of our Claudette + Sophia wedding invitation designs.
This Save the Date was a custom combination of our Claudette and Sophia designs
All of our designs can be adapted to make an elegant Save the Date. There are also fun ideas out there: photos, magnets, coasters, etc. But if you've found an invitation design that you want, we can create a Save the Date to match.

If you've any questions, please ask!


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