Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Announcing Your News

Hello friends!

So, wedding announcements. Their purpose is, quite simply, to announce the marriage that just took place. Easy, right?

But who should receive them? Announcements can be sent to anyone whom you want to know about the marriage, who was not invited to the wedding. (Even if they couldn't come, they still know that the wedding took place.) 

When should they be sent? While they're usually mailed the day after the event, they can be mailed several months later. I imagine the latter would occur most with couples who hosted the event themselves, as they've lots of other things happening right after the wedding, like celebrating, travelling if lucky, and sending out the rest of the thank you notes.

What if you received an announcement? Remember, don't be offended that you weren't invited to the wedding; the couple might have eloped or chose to keep the wedding incredibly intimate with just their nearest and dearest. Also, don't feel obligated at all to send a gift but I'm sure a congratulatory card or letter would be touching to the newlyweds!

If you're in the market for invitations, any of our wedding invitations designs can be adapted for announcing the marriage, but if you're wanting a photo option, I've found a few good ideas that I'm gathering on Pinterest.


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