Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And we're back!

We had a wonderful two-week trip celebrating our anniversary and I took another two-weeks back at the office but not working on inviting. (I was *thinking* about inviting but not working.) I think the break did me good; it's important to take a break every seven years, right? I'm refreshed, motivated, and inspired.

Now that I'm back, there is lots to do! I need to make room for all the new products coming soon, which means new markdowns. Plus, the website needs a bit of a refresh, and new items photographed/listed. We got into a rather large show in San Antonio (more on that later) which takes place in October so we need to plan for that, and I'll have loads to print for it. And since summer is generally slow, what better time than then? It'll be great and I'm so looking forward to it. I love printing in the studio!

Thanks for your patience while I was away. Stepping back for a little while did wonders and I'm eager to take inviting to new places.

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