Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Which shall I read next...

Here's a snapshot of what's on my bookshelf to be read in the first bit of this new year:

Snapshot of books in my To Read Next pile.

Currently I'm re-reading The Fountainhead, and for some unknown reason I want to re-read Cold Mountain (will re-read a bunch of books to see if they deserve their spot on the bookshelves, shelves which are over-stuffed). And since I'm on a journaling/letter-writing kick, Virginia Woolf seems appropriate. Plus, you know, business books.

Because I'm not completely old-fashioned, these are what's up next on the ipad to read:

I've also created a Pinterest board for the books read this year; nothing there yet. (And here's last year's board, not nearly as lengthy as I had hoped!)

Are there any books you re-read every couple of years? One of my favorite re-reads is Rebecca.

What's are you reading right now?

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