Friday, January 23, 2015

New Challenge: Returning to Work

Last Wednesday I returned to work full-time, back to the law firm! That was the reason for the hiatus earlier this month; I needed the time to get as many things in order for inviting as possible before I returned to work.

The thought of a daily commute was a major deterrent (it takes way too long to drive 5.3 miles, each way), but after speaking with my former office manager I agreed to return. And it’s actually really nice to be back! The work is zen-like and the coworkers are great. They’re, for the most part, the same group that I left, some of them I’ve worked with since Day One, oh so many years ago.

And honestly, the paycheck will be a treat; if I told you how much I was living on for the past year and I half you’d laugh in disbelief. Plus, Mr inviting and I are going on a faux-honeymoon in May (for our fifteenth anniversary) so having a real paycheck will definitely help fund that!

Now the challenge is to continue to run inviting as though it's full-time, when in actuality it's back to a morning-lunch break-evening-weekend venture. I have my new daily tasks for inviting, a strict printing schedule and I’m pretty confident that I can handle it. Mr inviting is insisting that I not drive myself crazy.

I told him I'd try my hardest to stay sane. Wish me luck.

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