Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring-Time Sipping

Happy Spring! Despite the crazy weather we've had in Texas, it *is* Spring so I am drinking accordingly.

Elderflower is one of those flavors with which, I feel, a little can go a very long way. A few years back I had an elderflower martini and WOW was that strong. It was like drinking perfume...
And because I feel like less is more, I haven't wanted to dish out the cash needed for the lovely bottle of St. Germain. My liquor store has awesome employees and one suggested St. Elder as a more "economical" option (under $20 as opposed to over $50.)

Elderflower liqueur, and pretty vintage martini glasses, for spring cocktails with inviting | shopinviting in Austin.

You can find recipes here but I keep it simple- an ounce of St Elder over ice and topped with club soda or an elder-vodka martini (shake hard with ice, 1 elder : 2 vodka ratio).
Tastes like Spring- crisp, lightly floral, and clean.

What do you like to drink this season?


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