Wednesday, April 9, 2014

As a Former Office Worker...

... I feel it's my duty to remind all you bosses and supervisors out there that Administrative Professionals Day is Weds. April 23rd. So if you have a secretary, assistant, receptionist, records clerk, office manager, anyone you work with who makes your job easier or better, maybe you should say thanks.

Starbucks gift cards, Visas, Target gift cards, flowers, a nice card and lunch out... those are all things we enjoyed at my old office. (At that office it was "Staff Appreciation Week" and was a week full of goodies and scheduled fun activities, but we were completely spoiled!)

However you recognize those you supervise or who work for you, just let them know:

Thank you card perfect for Administrative Professionals Day in April, letterpress printed by inviting in Austin.
You're Amazing, Thanks for all you do.

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