Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Not Going to Deny It, April's Been Rough...

... but it's also been great.

Started the month off seeing lots of family: the first week I got to see a Grandma and Aunt from one side, then that weekend a quick road trip with Mom to see an uncle and my grandparents from her side. A few days later, my Dad and stepmother came for a visit. It was really fun seeing so much family within a week.

But then that night we got a phone call from Trent's Aunt that his Grandpa was nearing the end of his 102 years so we raced to Brownsville to see him. We made it in time to say good-bye, but he was already in a morphine-induced sleep and passed away shortly after we arrived.
It was a very rough couple of days but also led to seeing a lot of Trent's family, which we don't do often enough.

We spent four nights in Brownsville and helped out the sons and daughters by clearing out the walk-in storage closet at Grandpa's, and also the buffet/credenza, both jam-packed full of photos, cards, and in the case of the closet, 20+ bags of trash (plus a huge To Be Donated stash!) While doing so, we came across this photo of the Grandparents as 19 year olds, before they were married:

Mr inviting's grandparents, an old picture found in Brownsville of the Crixell grandparents in 1931.
1931, age 19. What a find!
Very appreciative of our understanding clients whose orders were delayed a couple of days while we helped family and attended the funeral. And our posting here (everywhere!) has been spotty at best due to all the travel and family visits.

But now we're back and I think almost back to normal. Except not, because Trent is determined to lose some weight so we're on a (gasp) diet (hate that word) this week, 1100 calories/day. (I'm doing it too, since I can afford to lose a few, though I'm still enjoying a soy chai latte for tea time.) We have discovered a few good snack recipes thanks to his fitness dvd's quick start meal plans, like turkey slices with some goat cheese, chopped walnuts and an avocado slice rolled up. Yum, but the dinners leave me hungry. What can I say? I love food.

Unfortunately he's discovered that avocado is not disgusting so there goes my extra portion at taco places!

When not playing catch-up, or feeling hungry, I've been prepping for our first of three spring shows in a row, the King William Fair! Worried that a) I'll forget something b) it won't all fit in the car and c) that San Antonio won't like my products. But either way, I'm sure it will be a fun show. Trying a new display/booth set up and if it's a success, I'll probably repeat it for the Violet Crown Festival and the Mother's Day Flea, since they're also outdoor shows.

Inviting will be at the King William Fair in San Antonio on April 26 2014.

Expect a recap of the KWF early next week.
If you're in the San Antonio area, you know I'd love to see you! Or if you have friends there, please spread the word. I'll be set up in booth space K210 but since my best friend from high school will be helping me out, you can probably just follow the laughter to our booth. :)