Monday, January 13, 2014

Taking Advantage of the Slower Times

While it's always to be busy creating and printing, it's best to take advantage of the slow periods and get caught up with admin work. Last week, I did just that. Printed a small order of Merci flat cards and a reprint of earring cards for our friend at Curare Sweets, but in between (and possibly a few evenings and maybe even, embarrassingly, all day Saturday) I worked on the more boring projects that come with owning a business...

Quickbooks / Financials:
Errors re: check deposits, fixed! These were from 2011 and 2012, when I wasn't nearly as QB savvy as I am now. Also, completed December's financials, prepped storage box and binder for 2014, and am ready to go.
Still to do: Q4 sales tax, self-employment tax things (for 2013; absolute DREAD!)

Complete inventory checked, double-checked, and adjusted on QB. That was a BIG project. But, now I can say, proudly, that every packaged product in the cabinet, card spinner, peg board & overflow boxes in my office are accounted for in Quickbooks and on Square.
Still to do: online listings. Make sure quantities are correct for those listed (reprints have happened this month and I restocked at Sanctuary) and that all styles are listed on the website. (They're not!)
This a peak inside the little cabinet I store boxed cards & coasters in.
Ugly labels speed up time searching for items to ship for online orders.
It feels so good not having five boxes of randomly collected cards behind my desk- I know what they are, how many I have, and they're all ready to sell. (Save the date, Austinites: Feb 8th is the next Austin Flea!)


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