Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shop Update: October - Lots of goodies!

Friday was such a great day- successful, happy printing in the morning and pairing/packing/pricing in the afternoon. X-files and Burn Notice to keep me amused while working.

And what came from that successful morning and earlier that week? These:

Folded Note Cards with Tina Fey's Quote
Folded Note Cards with Coco Chanel's Quote
10x8 print, created custom for a friend. Made some for the shop, too.
You know that car that parked so badly you couldn't get out? Yeah. That's what these are for.
Perfect for apologies and embarrassing tales...
Smaller size of our dahlia merci cards.
Robot birthday card.
Birthday post cards, 2-pack. Perfect when birthdays sneak up on you.
All are available at the online store but some have very limited quantities, so shop quickly. Feel free to share with friends/family/coworkers who you think might enjoy these, as well. The more the merrier!
And as usual, it's free shipping for orders over $75!

Cheers and thanks for all your support,

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