Thursday, September 26, 2013

Newest Offering- Stationery Package

This is something I've been working on for a while and am very excited to finally share it with you!

Using Emily Post's correspondence notes as a guideline, these are the items I feel make up the ultimate stationery kit:

This sample ladies' set was printed on pearl white with brown ink.
The men's set has a smaller enclosure card.
Flat stationery, flat correspondence cards, folded informals, and gift enclosures.

Three different weights of cotton paper are used for these: our standard 110lb flat card, text weight, and the newer 90lb weight used for the informals. All come with matching cotton envelopes.

A modern monogram is shown, as is a classic text version on the store page. I'll include more examples on the listing as they are made. 

Of course the most appropriate ink colors are black, gray, brown, and navy, but I don't see why fuchsia can't be done, too!

The flat, personal sheets are great for more formal correspondence or professional letters (and can go through a typewriter for that vintage charm/to conceal your messy handwriting). Folded informals are perfect for a short note, response to RSVP, or a thank you note. The flat correspondence cards, for when you need a little more space than the informals offer, but it's less formal than the personal sheets tend towards. And the enclosure cards, to tuck in with a gift with no message, or a short message written at the top. (If your note requires more space, use an informal.)

Really loving these, and I'm trying to open a wholesale account with a company that makes a box perfect for storing these on a shelf or desk, making them not only a fantastic addition to your stationery (and with enough space that you can store ALL your letterpress printed stationery & cards in it), but also a wonderful gift. Will keep you all posted on that.

Prices for this package, 25 of each item plus extra blank sheets for the stationery, start at $165. Production time is about two weeks.

Are you as excited as I am? Can't wait to print them for you!


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