Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are you up for the challenge?

One of my dear friends, another stationer, does a campaign every so often where she sends a card or letter every day for a month, and encourages her customers & followers to do the same. That's a little ambitious for me, but I think once a week is totally doable. (And it will help me go through my stationery stash, making room for the new items I want to print for myself!)

Will you join me on this? For the rest of 2013, send at least one note/card/letter a week. If you can do more, awesome, but at the very least, one a week.

Saturday I mailed a birthday postcard to a friend's husband, and I have another birthday card ready to be mailed on Friday. (I like to plan ahead: at the beginning of each month I get birthday cards ready to be mailed.)
These are great when you just want to send something short and sweet. Gender-neutral, too!
And if I start to hear "Oh, well I don't have any stamps..." you can stop right there.  :) I agree, going to the Post Office is usually a pain, and the grocery store only has those boring flag stamps, so just go to and order some. $1.25 shipping saves you the trip, gives you a great selection and gets them to the door/mailbox. Totally worth it.

Then, like me, you can reward yourself with new stationery! I'm wanting a full set of proper, personalized writing sheets...

So who's with me? Anyone? Let me know if you're doing this with me by leaving a comment. I'm sure I have a card or two I can send someone, randomly selected, to encourage you on this mission.



  1. Actually, one card or letter a week would be a slow down for me. Really! I'm definitely outside the norm. :)

    1. That's awesome, Julie! I've sent out three this week, but that's sadly more than normal.