Sunday, April 21, 2013

Don't Forget Your Mom, plus a Stray Cat Needs Love, too

The above card is a variation on our glittery striped cards {here}.
Our Mother's Day selections are {here}.

Upcoming shows are the Violet Crown Festival (I almost typed "Violet Crowne Affair" haha) which is Saturday May 4th from 11-6, details {here} and the Austin Flea on Saturday May 11th from 11-5, details {here}.

What a week. Our hearts go out to those in Boston MA and in West TX.
How you can help: {West, Texas Relief} They're looking for Type O blood donations, as well.

Also, one of the stray cats that we feed is looking pretty bad. His eye has always been funky but today it looks REALLY bad, plus he's limping and has some blood on his paw. He's the sweetest cat (but super shy) and if we had the space, we'd adopt him, but we're at capacity.
Here's a picture of him from the fall:
The Hobo Kitty we call Number Two
Because taking him to the vet won't be cheap, even if his leg heals on its own, his eye should still be looked at, I'm selling these Angry Kitty petit packs and all money will go towards his visit. 
3 cards for $5. Help a kitteh out.
Thanks to those of you who have already purchased some!

I hope you've enjoyed your weekend.

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