Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Work: Mostly for Moms

The latest plate arrived and on it were our Mother's Day designs for this year!

Here's the first design:
Available on Etsy
And the second:
Also available on Etsy
Mother's Day is May 13th so keep that in mind and don't delay!

I also printed 3 sets of custom cards, and these birthday post cards:
Not yet available.

On Thursday I attended a lunch hosted by Clampitt & Neenah Paper. Neenah makes the Crane Lettra paper that we use on so many of our projects and wedding, and they've just started making a 90lb paper! We usually use the 110lb which are great for flat cards but a little thick for folded cards, so I'm quite thrilled by this news. Now if we can get them to start making some pale pink, blue and gray papers...

Until Weds,

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