Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Things to Share

Spotted this week on the trail, someone took the time to make little stone stacks. It's not the best picture, but I think you get the idea.

Also, on the trail yesterday there was what looked like a bicycle-pedestrian collision. I missed the collision but saw the aftermath- two young men laying on their backs, a small crowd of people, and two people assisting one of the guys who was injured. BLOOD ON THE TRAIL. Not something I ever want to see again. Somebody was already on the phone with 911 and very shortly after, I heard the sirens. I hope they were okay, and everyone, please be careful out there!

On a happier note...
Some of the ladies at the Day-Job have been going on about the recipes on this blog. On Sunday, I made a macaroni & cheese, and added some honey-jalapeno rotisserie chicken, and an extra handful of cheese. YUM. (If you've got a great mac and cheese recipe, please share it/the link.)

Are you paper-obsessed? I am (obviously)!
Here are some of my favorite paper/stationery/letterpress blogs. Enjoy!!
 : Beast Pieces - Studio on Fire is a studio in MN and they are INCREDIBLE. I mean, WOW. Totally inspiring.
 : Boxcar Press - They are the awesome people in NY that make our polymer plates. Their blog is a great mix of how-to / tips, meet the printer, and letterpress love.
 : Paper Crave - If you aren't reading this yet, you are missing out. I get their daily emails and am always impressed with the work they select.
 : Oh So Beautiful Paper - It's a new one for me and I absolutely love it! Similar to Paper Crave in their obsessions, plus some lovely non-paper related postings, but every bit as worthy of subscribing.
 : This is Glamorous - Not really paper-related, though I have spied some great cards every now and then, this is just one of my happy places. I want to live inside it.
Am i missing any? Let me know if i've been missing out on anything.

Have a wonderful day!

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