Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do You Know What's Great?

Almost EVERYTHING in inviting's inventory is listed on Etsy! There's a small stack next to my desk that needs photo-editing and listing, and an even smaller stack that needs photographing, but I think I can have it all done this weekend.

Can you spy the small stack that needs listing? It's so small!
Silly things about my desk:
: I still haven't finished switching out my drawer pulls. I consider it amazing that I finally finished painting the walls!
: Yes, I was drinking prosecco. You can't drink while printing, but no rules against drinking while editing photos and listings
: On the ipad, streaming X-Files. It's great background and netflix had better never pull it off streaming; i don't know what i'd do!
: I like year-round halloween decorations. Skulls are 24/7 at our house.

Been working hard in my study getting it organized and tidied. Still have a ways to go, but with such a tiny desk

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