Friday, March 31, 2017

You Know You Want To--

I need to sit down and write a letter. Nothing major, nothing important. It’s just been a while, and if it’s been a while for me, it might have been a while for you, too.

So please, at some point today, take out some paper (bonus points if it’s a gorgeous letterpress printed card or piece of stationery), a pen or pencil, and write someone a letter. Doesn’t have to be long, or even really about anything. Just a “Hey, was thinking about you today and thought I’d check in and see how you are. Hope things are great.” Then address and stamp the envelope and get it in the mail!
Giant cat mug of tea with letterpress poppy stationery by inviting and a floral pencil from rifle.

It’ll probably make that person’s day. Let’s do it!


P.s. Did you happen to notice that you’re running low on pretty cards? If only I knew of a place… oh wait : ) Here’s a great website for stationery. (Yeah, I might be a little biased.)

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