Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Audience for Our 'Productive Woman' Cards

I love it when our products reach a new audience! If you had told me that the readers of and would be seeing links to some of our products, I'd be rather surprised. But lo and behold, last week their online readers were offered links to our Tina Fey quote cards (and prints)!

The article is about Hillary Clinton's campaign for the White House, and how her "unofficial slogan" is already on Etsy. We've been printing these for a while now, and while the source (Tina Fey on SNL) was about Ms Clinton's 2012 bid, I've always used it as more of a Stay Out of My Way, I'm Working message. But whichever way you see this, all we can hope is that it inspires, motivates, and maybe excuses a few of those looks that us overachievers are sometimes bound to give. ;-)


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