Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm getting excited...

In a little over a month I'll be at the King William Fair in San Antonio! Last year it was so much fun- the parade, the shoppers, the beautiful neighborhood, hanging out with my dear, dear friend of now 23 years, and sharing my work with the celebratory Fiesta crowd.

Ashley & Ariana at the King William Fair in San Antonio last year, getting excited for this year!
Ariana, with her fabulous Fiesta hat, and myself, with my favorite
sunglasses which I've since lost (boo) at KWF last year.
I've started printing some new designs and have begun planning my booth set up (fun, except it takes up a bit of real estate in the house!), plus I have some new designs that I'm about to have printing plates made of- some of which I'll be displaying in my home office once printed, I'm so excited about them.

But I'm going to save them for KWF, so if you're in the central Texas area, you'll want to come out and visit (we'll be set up on Madison), and if you're not, you'll be able to see sneak peeks on instagram / facebook (@shopinviting). They'll be available online after the show. I know, big tease.  But even if they sell out at the show, they'll still be available as custom orders online. That's what's wonderful about what I do- I can always print more.

Have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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