Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Get More Custom Work

I think I’ve discovered the way to increase one’s custom order workload: plan a proper vacation. Okay, so I don’t know if that’s completely true, but it seems as a planned vacation gets closer and closer, you get more requests for custom work. Luckily, it looks like everyone’s deadlines are workable with my availability, or lack thereof. Trusting that my calendar and careful scheduling won’t let me down.

These two month are looking to be very busy, yay!

Curious what I’ve got lined up for Vera the printing press to print? We’ve got some personalized cards, thank you cards for newlyweds, business cards, and are in discussion with two brides. Plus I’ve got printing to do for the upcoming spring shows in San Antonio and Austin. So yeah… if you were to invite me to a daytime event on a weekend from now until June, unless I’ve already accepted, I’m going to have to decline.

You know, I thought that juggling a day job and inviting was hard before I took inviting full time in 2013, but wow. It’s even more challenging now. The growth that I experienced in those 18 months makes for some long days and full weekends; the planning, designing, scheduling, project discussion, printing, sharing, packaging, photographing, listing, accounting, setting up additional store fronts (did you know you can find some of our products on Amazon now? Sorry, we’re not with Prime.)… I’m wearing all the hats that I was before, but now I’m away from the home office and studio 40+ hours a week. I’m not complaining, just stating that It. Is. Really. Hard.

And I want to thank one of our loyal clients, Becky, again for her sweet note and pampering gift. That was such a wonderful surprise and came at the perfect time.
Thank you all for your support!


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