Friday, February 13, 2015

Ma'am, step away from the computer!

Whether it's for research, inspiration or taking a little break, I visit a LOT of websites on a semi-/daily basis. I feel like I spend every moment on the computer, which is why printing is such a special time- no computing, just printing.  
Netflix doesn't count.

Insane amount of tasks + online shipping labels
Sadly, this is how my office desk looks most of the time :(
pinterest - for the pretties, but when someone hogs the feed by pinning every image they can find for a personal project, that gets annoying.

goodreads - where I get the majority of quotes for the monday posts.

amazon - because i'm always needing something, or looking to see if the thing in my head actually exists and is available for purchase.

imdb - big fan of movies over here, plus sometimes you want to see if there's a new Ewan McGregor or Michael Fassbender movie coming out. 

random - how i pick winners for the giveaways on instagram and facebook.

paypal / usps - for shipping things and sometimes for getting paid. Nice.

well-appointed desk - for awesome fountain pen info and deliciously-nerdy (and nicely designed) desk/office goods. This is also part of the reason I am on amazon so much.

gofugyourself - not only is it a fun fashiony blog, but the community (Fug Nation) is amazing and supportive and it's one of the only places where reading comments don't make me stabby.

Plus there's the facebook/twitter/instagram pages, blogger, our website, our etsy site, our supplier sites, and on and on and on. So you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to step away from the computer. For a little while at least. Starting... (have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back on Monday)... now!


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