Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Collaborating with Pigsey Art

I love printing other people's designs. Not sure if you know that, but I find it refreshing to print something completely different than my offerings. It allows me to not worry about the design, because it wasn't in my hands at all, and focus on the printing, which just feels good.

A recent collaboration has been with Austin's journal maker, Pigsey Art. Brandy's "vintage wit and whimsy" are fun to print and were quite popular at the holiday craft shows.
Her current letterpress journal styles.
Because we use a non-cotton, non-absorbent cover paper for her work, I have to let them dry before stacking them for pick up. This is usually how my studio looks for a couple of days after printing a run of covers for her:

Letting film journal covers dry after being printed on a letterpress by inviting in austin, texas.
Having all these type drawers certainly comes in handy!

She told me that she's working on some new designs for me to print and I can't wait to see them. Which one is my favorite to print so far? The Awesome List of Awesome. I love the way the bolder design works with my printing; it's quite fun. You can shop them all here.



  1. I like the Everyday Adventures one too! Let's be honest they are pretty awesome. What a fun collaboration!

    1. It is fun! And I can't wait to see her new designs. Thanks Ariana!