Friday, January 30, 2015

Looking for a penpal?

While in college, my great-Grandma and I would write letters to each other and I'm always so warmed by that fact. Not only that I knew my great Grandma, but that we had that relationship.

Letter from Hazel Tober, received in college. She was my regular pen pal.
Letter from my Great Grandma that I received while at University.

Obviously, I'm a fan of sending cards and letters, no matter how lengthy- taking the time to sit down and write a few lines or a few pages is so nice, and always a pleasure to receive. At the Austin Flea last month, I was chatting with a young lady who said she'd like to write letters, but doesn't have anyone who would write her back. If you're in the same boat, I thought I'd offer a resource:

The Letter Writers Alliance
Membership is only five dollars and they have a pen pal matching service for members- sign up and you'll get matched with two pen pals. I haven't personally signed up for the pen pal service, but probably will in the near future. The ladies who run the LWA are great and their blog is a fun read. Plus, if you're in the Chicago area, they offer workshops, meet ups and other great events.

Facebook even has pen pal groups. I found out about one called The Inkwell through a customer at the Austin Flea and have three semi-regular pen pals from it. I say semi-regular because it generally takes us a month or two to reply!

A newsletter I receive recently had a list of resources for those looking to write more letters:
Papered Thoughts' Find a Penpal
My Pen Needs Ink's Write More Letters Challenge
John Negroni's Why We Should Write Letters Again

These days, it's nice to write someone, and know that the reply could take weeks. We're all busy, and everyone understands that. When we get a letter, we get a letter. It's just as exciting, and possibly more so because there's no telling when it might show up!

Are you a regular letter writer, or looking for a penpal to start writing with? Leave a comment!


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