Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DIY Project: Stationery Boxes

Having a beautiful and well-stocked desk for writing your letters and in your journals isn't always an option. In my case, the desk sometimes often ends up looking like this:

My messy desk, where I'm supposed to write letters as well as run a business.
Not the best place to write friendly letters!
So whenever the desk is too messy to write, I can pick up my stationery box and move to the sofa, a reading chair, or even the dining table. Heck, I took it with me to the beach over Christmas to do some writing then! This my stationery box:

As you can see, i made a pen holder out of extra cross-stitching fabric, and the box has divided sections that I use for rubber stamps, wax seals, stamps, small stationery, etc. The palette board is covered with a pretty paper and keeps the sectioned items from falling out and the stationery separated from the letters I need to respond to. I can also tuck a thin journal in the box.

For the How To, visit Oh So Beautiful Paper's Handmade Stationery Gift Box
I added the pen sleeves, inspired by Design Sponge's Keepsake Stationery Box

The box I used is from Amazon but it isn't currently available for sale. It's fine, except the largest compartment only holds 4bar-sized note cards, and I'd prefer a variety. Next time, I'll shop around more to make sure an A6 will fit.


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