Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Non-Traditional Holiday Cards (aka Cards for Slackers)

As weird as it feels talking about being behind for the holidays (already), who's feeling the pressure already? I passed hosting Christmas Eve dinner back to my Mom (Thanks, Mom!) so that helps a little, but still, so much to do and so little time to do it with.

Like to send holiday cards but dislike having to get them written, addressed, stamped and out the door by the middle of December? Buy yourself some extra time with, not Christmas cards, but New Year Cards!

Boxes of 6 available pre-printed, or order a box of 12 in your color choices.
I wanted an Art Deco-inspired, Gatsby-ish New Year's card this year and so, using a vintage frame and Deco text, these make me so happy. The matte gold is such a nice color with the black, and the shimmery chocolate envelopes look perfect with them! (Always nice when you have something in stock that works magically.)

Do you send out holiday cards? If so, when do you aim to have them completed by?


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