Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oh the Studio... what a mess summer makes of you!

Now that the temperatures are starting to drop, it's time to refresh the studio!

During the summer months, studio time goes like this:
  • turn on a/c unit and return to the house for 15 minutes while it cools off
  • bring in rollers from their kitchen cabinet (if left in studio during the summer, they could melt. it's happened and it's not pleasant!)
  • set up the press and print project as quickly as possible, while watching the temperature on the a/c unit creep back up
  • clean the press and return rollers to the kitchen cabinet
  • grab the printed items, turn off a/c, and race back to the house before melting
It's not a glamorous time, that's for sure.

But in the Fall, the glorious Fall, it is so much more pleasant! Plus, because I'm not racing out of the studio to beat the heat, I can linger and actually put things away when done! It's amazing.
It's also the time that I rearrange things to make the studio a little nicer and more efficient. (Near the end of Spring, a mega-tidy-session occurs, preparing for the Summertime Heat.)
October's projects for after printing sessions:
  • move ink shelves closer to the press
  • shift the pegboard to make room for the new shelving spot
  • repair and re-hang the type drawer to store/display the vintage printing blocks
  • gather polymer plate scraps to send to the recycling service
  • go through stack(s) of scrap/used paper for set-up or recycling
  • dust, sweep & clean studio
  • unplug a/c and put away for the winter; get space heater ready for November
  • add items to portfolio wall
  • swap out light bulbs for winter lighting
  • finish painting walls with primer, and maybe decide on an actual wall color
I'll be sure to share pictures once it's complete; so excited!
Hobo Cat #3 in the studio. He likes to watch me work.

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