Thursday, August 7, 2014

Got any travel advice?

Mr Inviting and I will be taking a minibreak to Washington DC in the near future. He's never been but I went twice in college, brief two-day visits. This time I'll actually get to play Tourist!

After attending a press conference in 2002.
So where should we go?

I want to do the Natural History Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Art, Air & Space Museum, and the Postal Museum. (Heck, I'd probably be happy to just hit as many museums as possible!) But where else should we visit? Any stationery stores, tea rooms, or boutiques that stand out? We won't be staying in DC proper but from what I remember, the subway system was really easy to use.

Any tips & advice would be most appreciated!



  1. Woodland's Vegan Bistro!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this! Def do the above museums. You mentioned gastropubs on instagram: there's a bunch that I like. Churchkey on 14th street is delicious, also Granville Moore's (Belgian) on 6th street. Another brew pub is Capital City Brewing Company, which is good if a little mainstream. Oh, and our local brew is DC Brau - served at a lot of places but don't have their own pub. If you look them up online or instagram, they'll post if they are doing tap takeovers anywhere. I also recommend a trip to Union Market, which is in a revitalized area near Gallaudet University and has lots of yummy food options as well as a great shop called Salt & Sundry which sells lots of local and indie goods. Feel free to ask more questions! Get me on instagram or twitter @dinergirly :-)