Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Children, Please

You can't put that on your invitation. Really. You can't do it. (If you use me, I won't let you.)

But how do you say that you don't want children* at your wedding ceremony/reception/party/event?  Here's how:

The Outer Envelope: Address is to the adults you're inviting. (Emily Post writes that children over 13 who are invited should get their own invitation.)
"Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jones and Family" isn't proper, but if they have loads of children (and ALL are invited), in the effort of saving time and not using the entire envelope for names, using it is understandable.
If you're doing inner envelopes, the first names of the children who are invited should be written below their parent(s) name(s). If the children's names are not written out, it implies that the children are not invited. Simple as that. But some people don't understand that which is why you use the ol' reliable:

Word. Of. Mouth. 
Tell those you're close to, or who are involved, that children (or children under a certain age) aren't invited and ask them to kindly spread the word to those with kids.

Calligraphy by Abigail T Calligraphy. Photo from her Etsy page.
And you have to stick to it and allow no exceptions- if one child attends and other parents who hired a sitter for the evening see that, except drama. Not at that moment, but it will build and eventually explode. If one child is invited, all children are invited. If no children are invited, no child* can attend.

Also, if you have a wedding/ Day Of coordinator, they'll know whether or not you invited children and will act as Bouncer. Hopefully it won't come to that though!


*Your children, your brothers and sisters are excluded from the rules- they can of course attend whether or not you set an age minimum on the rest of the guests!

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