Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Fun, and Upcoming Shows

Saturday's Austin Flea was so much fun! Not only were there great vendors, a fantastic vibe, and chatty shoppers, but also a surf rock band for a bit, the Boss Jaguars. Loved these guys!

Some of the other vendors that I had fun hanging out with:
Pigsey Art - book art! journals, wall art, magnets, necklaces.
Mac Black Sheep Jewelry - really nice earrings and custom fitted hammered rings, want!
RoboRoku - Super cute characters & fun jewelry / accessories
Monster Dance Designs  - Sandblasted glassware
Luna Tigre- my score from the Flea.
Mr Inviting bought a shot glass and pint glass for us from Monster Dance Designs.
And for your calendars:
  • April 26th, King William Fair in San Antonio
  • May 3rd, Violet Crown Festival in Austin
  • May 10th, Austin Flea in Austin
  • August 16-17, Austin Craft Riot Summer Show in Austin.
As always, you can look at the sidebar on the blog for our upcoming shows and links.

Thanks for a great March!

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