Thursday, January 16, 2014

Classy, Draped Invitations

We have a new wedding design, inspired by a photograph of a wedding cake that I stumbled upon.
The invitations are large, 6.75" squares and come with soft cotton, square 7" envelopes (extra postage is required). When invitees receive their invitations, they'll *know* they're being invited to something special!

Large, square invitation
Not only were reply cards/postcards designed, but also coasters, thank you cards, escort/table cards, and personalized stationery. Of course, you don't need to get married to order personalized coasters or cards!

Coasters available here

Personalized Stationery available here

Folded thank you cards available here.

Also, I created a little pinterest board for these invitations including other event items (like dessert tables... yum) that would be fitting.


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