Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals, Ready for an Amazing Year

Did you have a great time welcoming 2014? We had a nice day, visiting friends and family, and eating. Always eating. :)

Coaster to use as a reminder for your resolutions.
Our list of goals for inviting is completed, finally. Took some sobering number crunching and optimism, but I really think I can make those numbers happen. Aside from sales goals, there are so many books and articles I have saved about running a small, creative business that I want to go through and learn from. Like most things, there's more to learn, so I will set aside time each week to read (and implement). And designs, like I mentioned in Tuesday's post. I started designing more in the last quarter, but that died down with the holidays. I'll get back into that rhythm, starting today!, so be on the look out for new designs in the Shop Updates (on the first of every month).

How about you? Got any professional goals or milestones for this year?


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