Monday, December 9, 2013

Missing New Products?

Me too!

I haven't had much time to create new items but any new items will show up in the shop update on January 1st, as well as all Valentine's Day cards. And once I'm all done with shows for the year (two this week and 1 home show next week), I'll get back into my schedule of designing twice a week and creating new products. Until then, though...

We've been busy with lots of weddings & business cards. Some of them I share at The Beauty of Letterpress so you can see them there. This week I'm printing a large order of our Texas Wreath holiday cards, personalized Texas flats, business cards for wedding photographers, and holiday cards for a designer. I also need to squeeze in some time to print our little item to send out to this year's clients. And the international ones need to go out early next week, so no pressure there, ha!

At inviting HQ, we celebrate christmas with lots of holiday lights and candles. I don't do much for decoration except for lighted garlands, the decorated tree, and a poinsettia here and there. I even bought a little one for the studio, since I've been in there so much:

Little sitting area in the studio for instagramming and sipping tea in between jobs.
Evenings and weekends are being spent in preparation for the holidays- crafting handmade gifts (on my new salary there's not much leftover for holiday gifts!), creatively wrapping them, and planning the cooking. We'll be having christmas eve at my mom's, and hosting christmas day dinner with my dad, stepmother, brother, his girlfriend, and my paternal grandparents. Last year I made a croquembouche as the holiday dessert but sadly I'm not feeling quite as ambitious this year.
2013's dessert, a custard-filled croquembouch, drizzled with crispy caramel whisps.
If you have any suggestions for a holiday dessert, please let me know in the comments? Pie has been vetoed by Mr Inviting.

Stay warm!

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