Thursday, December 19, 2013

A little (holiday) break...

Thanks to the cold that I caught last week, I had to bail on the two shows that were scheduled, so I apologize if you came out looking for inviting and we weren't there. Last night we participated in a tiny Austin Flea; our only holiday show thanks to the weather and my cold. It was trunk show format, at a lady's house not far from my own. It's quite a fun idea and was especially nice visiting with Liz of Bolsa Bonita and Jinny of Lip Glosserie in between bites of queso and sales. At most shows, we're busy working but this was more laid back so there was silliness to be had, gabbing on the sofa next to our product displays. And now we're done for the year, with shows anyway. (Owning your own business, and doing it full-time, there's always work to be done, so we'll be doing a few behind-the-scenes tasks these next two weeks, prepping for 2014.)

I've shipped out the last of the custom orders so with this "free time," it's time for the final holiday tasks! Friday I'll be in the kitchen making lefse for holiday dinners (family tradition), wrapping the last of the handmade gifts (tried a fancy crochet project- something that's not a scarf or a washcloth!), and tidying for celebrations. (Tidying really means "putting away all of inviting's show/display items" as they take over the house.)

Our skinny tree. I love it!
Saturday is a holiday lunch, then christmas eve will be dinner at Mom's, and then we're hosting christmas day's dinner. That's a lot of kitchen-action but at least the lefse will be done! Looking forward to it all, it's such a pretty time of year and I love all the family time we get.

I won't be posting next week so have a happy christmas and if you get time off, enjoy it!
New items & Valentine's Day cards will hit the shop on 1/1/14 so mark your calendars for that shop update and we'll see you then.

Cheers, happy christmas and get started on your goals/resolutions for 2014,


  1. Oh dear, I hope you feel better! And may you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. <3

    1. Think the cough has finally left, so yes, ALL BETTER, thank you : ) Happy 2014 Julie! Hope it's a wonderful year for you :)