Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good-bye Show Car, Hello Pretty Cards

Two years ago, Mr inviting bought a new car. A tiny, 2-seater with a joke of a trunk. (It is really fun to drive.) He wanted to use his old car as a trade-in but I convinced him that since he'd only get $50 or so trade-in-value that he should keep it so we can use it for craft shows- lugging folding tables, displays, pop-up tents, and merchandise.

Well, that was two years ago. And now the show-car is dead. It starts up fine but won't drive, and the numerous repairs will cost too much money; spent enough getting it towed back and forth. (The recent heavy rain damaged the spark plugs and other things. Also needs new brakes and a full system flush.) I'm just going to clean it and try my luck on Craigslist.

SO. That's fun. Spent a week dealing with that and little else except for printing Client work.
Should Mr Inviting's current contract job go permanent, we'll discuss getting a pre-owned car that I can drive around and use for shows. For now, we'll go the as-needed-rental route. Cheaper than a car payment, right?

But on to happier things!
Last week I printed business cards and art prints for a designer & illustrator in San Antonio, both designed by the Client:

8x10 2-color prints of a Peter Pan scene
2-sided business card printed deeply onto thick 220lb cotton cards
And then edged in purple!!
This week, printing weddings! For sneak peaks, follow us on instagram (@shopinviting).

There are new wedding designs in the shop, and those are the last until the next Shop Update on 12/1/13. I don't know about you, but I get excited about the Shop Updates.


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