Thursday, September 12, 2013

Press Envy...

Oh my goodness I can't believe I haven't blogged until today! Whoops.

Well, in my defense, I've been prepping for Saturday's Austin Flea. Have new birthday cards, gentlemanly cards, grab bags of assorted flat cards, and finished our book of personalized cards that you can preorder. That is a biggie: card samples, pricing, paper-ink-and-envelope swatches, all nicely contained and presented. (Next week I'll get them all online!)

On Monday I drove to Round Rock to meet a Client, pick up her supplies for a job, and almost all her printing equipment! All except for her press and paper cutter. Her husband gave it to her as a first wedding anniversary gift (traditionally, 1st year = paper). Stellar choice, I'd call him a keeper. It's a C&P Old Style, completely restored and just beautiful:

Poor Vera... she's no where near as beautiful as her older sibling...
Also, in the past week, we've sold 6 of our framable quotations. They're really going fast, especially the Tina Feys!

And you can read my interview at This Creative Life HERE. Thanks to Renee for featuring me.

If you're in Austin/central Texas, do come by the Austin Flea on Saturday. It'll be lots of fun.

Either way, have a lovely weekend.


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