Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Type-Filled Weds Morning

I spent a few lovely hours in the studio this morning, selecting fonts to offer for Personalized Stationery; am working on catalog to take with me to shows so you can see the available styles & options, and place your orders then and there.

This is the selection, and I pulled the "&" when available- you don't want to order 'Ashley & Trent' cards if the ampersand is ugly, or not available in that font. Some of these have been on my list for a while but there are a few new additions:

Old Style 24pt is virgin type- This was the first time it had EVER been used.
It didn't have a name but the "l" looked familiar from the Typography video I shared earlier this week,
and so for now, it's called Old Style.

Also printed a sample for a new invitation design, now available in the shop.

When printing some stationery with that flourish, I though it'd make a pretty invitation.
Listened to my Pandora station for The Smiths while out there. I love little 80s dance parties while printing:


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