Monday, January 7, 2013

A Helpful Little Post About Addressing Your Envelopes

This is something that I have to look up a lot in "the Good Book" (that's what my Statistics teacher referred to our textbook as, and what I refer to Emily Post's Etiquette- a book I *highly* recommend!)

For married couples
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence

or, if the wife goes by her last name,

Ms. Amy March and Mr. Teddy Lawrence

or, if she's hyphenated her last name,

 Ms. Amy March-Lawrence and Mr. Teddy Lawrence

For a married woman
 Mrs. Fitz Darcy


Ms. Elizabeth Darcy


Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy

Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy is the customary way to address a divorcee 
so, according to Emily Post, "Ms." is preferable for married women.  
(Funny, right? I would think it the reverse.)
Personally, I don't believe in addressing a married woman by her husband's name; 
I'd skip the Mrs. Fitz Darcy, but I do still see it on occasion. 
I'd say that unless you know it is what she prefers, I'd use Ms. Elizabeth Darcy.

For an unmarried couple living together

Janet Smith
Robert Ivans

They don't share the line. 
Ms. and Mr. can precede the names if you want to be more formal.

And it doesn't matter if the couple is gay or straight, the same rules apply. 
Hope that helps. Any questions? Leave a comment!


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