Monday, September 10, 2012

Autumn is Coming! Autumn is Coming!

The cool front we had this weekend was *amazing*! Windows wide open, the wind chimes going crazy on Saturday, curtains blown by the breeze, and even a pumpkin scented candle was lit. I am usually a very strict calendar follower- no fall candles, tights or boots until it is officially FALL, but I couldn't help it...
Didn't get any printing done, *but* worked on the set up for Saturday's FLEA. 

Speaking of Fall, have you read the new Sweet Paul magazine? Such lovely seasonal treats... I can't wait to sit and actually read the whole thing... Next week!

We got a new display piece- our first spinner! It's amazing how tidy it can make the table. Want another one!

And I got these congratulatory robots packaged:

Also comes with blue text, perfect for silly cards for new parents.

And these Halloween cards scored & folded:

Black glitter tape! Seriously, I love this stuff.
Sorry neither style is available on Etsy just yet. After the Flea (SATURDAY at The Highball from 11-5!!) I'll run some by the boutiques that we're in, and THEN things will go up on Etsy. Promise. But I've been neglecting the shops... : ( They need cards, too!

Taking next week off from the day job so will be able to print, finish designing holiday cards (oh yes, T and I have some great ideas!), and even spend a day cooking for the freezer. Am *hoping* that the weather will be lovely and I can enjoy a breeze through the house again.

Happy Nearing-The-End-of-Summer! Hope to see you on Saturday!

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