Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why Is It So Hard To Get Going Again?

You take just one weekend off after some busy, busy time and it's so hard to get back into your routine! Why is that? Blah. I'm working on it and will get back into the swing of things. Promise : )

But here are some pretties for you:

New image! This dragonfly printed SO NICELY! I love it!

Business cards for a wedding videography business. Check them out!

And our Father's Day cards. Available on Etsy and at P&L!
I've been revamping our packaging and branding so now there's a HUGE PILE of brown tissue paper on my chaise, a HUGE BOX of business card boxes in the living room, and two new card displays in the dining room. This weekend I'll be printing our own business cards and stationery for thank you notes. That's right- if you place an order with us, you'll get a pretty, wrapped package AND a thank you note. Sometimes I even throw in a freebie or two, like stickers or gift tags. But you have to order to find out : )

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