Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Work and Some Sad News

The sweet little boutique in south Austin, Flock, who has been carrying our cards for the past 7 months, is closing. Sad, sad, sad. But until the end of the month, they're offering a farewell 20% off items. They're such nice ladies, it will be a bummer not to see them regularly.

On a happier note, had fun in the printshop (as usual):

4bar-sized wedding invitations for a Client I met at Renegade- these are to be mounted on larger cards. Am hoping they'll share a picture of the final invitation set once complete!

Provided cards are shimmery so I insisted they dry on the "racks" overnight.
And made stickers for a Client in California. She liked the sticker I used to seal her package and inquired about getting her own made. Sure, why not?

Of course now I want to make fancy pink and orange bubbles for inviting's proper seals. Always working on branding and packaging... We've got the brown tissue paper, now we need the colorful bubbles. Next plate!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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