Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun Things to Share

Happy Hump Day! Never been a fan of that... Happy Wednesday!

The trail has been so pretty. It's just getting very warm...   not a fan of the heat. Would rather swim, like this guy:

Swan by the Town Lake trail.
Here at inviting's HQ we're busy prepping for the Violet Crown Festival on Saturday (so this isn't much of a post- sorry!) It's an outdoor event, which I'm generally now opposed to, but it's in a park so maybe there will be a nice, mild breeze and lots of shade?

It's hard prepping for events like this. Displays need to be wind-friendly and it seems that at most events, petite packs or single cards sell way more than boxed cards, so I'm trying to get a good variety of those. Zip code cards have been printed in that neighborhood's code, Violet Crowns printed, and summery pink flamingos with awesome lined envelopes. Also have more Angry Kitties, butterfly ladies, and little birds for people to make their own pack.

But the display... Right now everything is stacked on a folding table near the living room (we operate out of our house- great commute!) with no design or plan. Maybe inspiration will hit at the 11th hour?

And really must not forget the tent/canopy. Once we left for an event only to leave the table at home! D'oh! Luckily we were still pretty close to the house.

Here are a couple of links I couldn't help but share:
 - 10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Stationery - good tips.
 - Duke & Duchess of Cambridge - Very sweet write up. Happy Anniversary! Can't believe it's been a year since I dragged myself out of bed really early to watch a wedding. 
- Is anyone else looking forward to the next season of Sherlock?? Starts on Sunday!
It'll be my reward for a *very* busy weekend. Show on Saturday, custom cards & more inventory printing on Sunday.


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