Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good thing i have a counting machine...

Last weekend was CRAZY AWESOME BUSY in the printshop:

over 1000 impressions made
5 ink colors used
2 custom projects
and almost entire Season 1 of Downton Abbey playing in the background for Saturday alone! (DA is my go-to "background" choice. It's also my crack.)

I also FINALLY reprinted our business cards- got a huge stack of them, just needing their corners rounded. It's been almost 2 months of no business cards. Bad!!

One of the custom projects was for SXSW's Interactive Department:

The other custom project was our classic chandelier image in light pink, which led to printing a bunch of great "spring is coming"-ish cards- light pink inks with grass-green envelopes, chartreuse inks with orange envelopes. Very cheery. But they're not available online or in stores, yet. For you locals, you *can* get them at...

The Austin Flea!

It's on Saturday and we're super excited. We'll have all our Valentine's Day cards out, as well as our cards in new spring colors. With all the other great artists there, you KNOW you'll find something awesome, and you can get your cards, gift enclosures, little valentines for friends, and even your xoxo coasters with us!

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