Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Don't know about y'all, but I am wiped out over here at inviting-central! Between the sun, the heat, spending the weekend selling cards at a mall, and planning ahead for the fall and winter... Yeah, that's a lot. But it's going to be wonderful. Really.

Upcoming events:
September 10 - Austin Flea at The Highball. Such a fun event, hoping we get in again.

September 11 - Art & Vintage Fall Fair at Caffe Medici, hosted by the lovely Hannah of TheThinks.com

To avoid melting, I've been focusing on Halloween/goth items. It's been fun to revisit past projects, line envelopes, and come up with new things. Plus, I can do everything (except print!) in the cool air-conditioned house!

This Saturday I'll be printing up a few new things, including a custom order for a client in Sacramento. (It's odd, but we've been really popular in California this year. More than 50% of our etsy sales are from there!)

Mark your calendars for our upcoming events if you're in town, and stay cool out there, wherever you are!

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