Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Card Giveaway

This month's giveaway - a dragon card!

When printing these, because the dragon is from a very worn vintage print block, I kept hearing the Weasley Twins' "All rright, Dragon!!" (from Harry Potter 4) playing in my head whenever I got a good print. Silliness, I know...

These are A2 white flats with a bold orange dragon. (Comes with a shimmery copper envelope- you'll need to use a gel pen, metallic ink marker, or a label for addressing it.)

Enter in the comments. A winner will be selected by random on Thursday evening. Good luck!!


  1. Oh my! For what occasion do I use this? I think it would be good for a graduation card. As in "You totally slayed graduate school! Congratulations!"

  2. I'm excited to enter. Thank you Mizzzlaura for sharing!

  3. So cute! We took Elijah to see HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON when we were in Austin a few weeks ago. Such a good movie!

  4. Oh my, Asian dragons. One of my favs. Love it!!
    Can't wait to paint fire on you Shannon!


  5. Gotta love those Weasley twins ;)

  6. That's a way sexy card. That dragon would make an awesome tattoo.