Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Card Giveaway

Thursday, March 4 I'll be drawing a name at random to win this card:
A light green luxe A2 flat with black leaves printed; comes with a dark green envelope.

To enter, we're doing things a little different. You can either enter by leaving a comment** below OR find us on Twitter (shopinviting) and retweet our giveaway tweet. Do both, I'll count both.

Good luck!

**What are you most looking forward to this spring?


  1. It is so pretty and springy!!

  2. Err. Didn't answer the question... I am hoping that this spring we will have consistent weather in South central TX that makes it easy to get the house ready for summer and pool parties in the backyard. More outdoor time leads to more outdoor time!

  3. Well now I am looking forward to Ariana's pool parties! haha! Oh, and my 7th anniversary/spring break vacation in two weeks. Woot. And of course, a bevy o' bluebonnets.

  4. This spring I'm looking forward to the simple act of sitting outside. It's been kind of a warm, muddy winter in Boston, so we've been able to see the grass for most of it--the dead grass. It's just enough to taunt me. I want a blanket and a book out of doors, please!